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Hair Loss Solution

Looking for a solution for your
hair loss?

Discover micropigmentation

For many people, especially men, baldness seems like an unsolvable problem. This is no longer the case with FUR – Scalp micropigmentation, a form of capillary tattoo, a unique way to conceal hair loss.

FUR – Scalp micropigmentation replicates the appearance of a naturally shaved head, instantly produces striking results. It is an advantageous option that is highly efficient and much more affordable than hair transplants.

FUR – Scalp micropigmentation is therefore an ideal solution not only to conceal hair loss, but also to cover up scars or to simply add density and uniformity to your scalp.

With medical-grade ink and asymmetrical needles, the specialists at FUR – Scalp micropigmentation can recreate your hair color and imitate your scalp’s natural follicles. This creates the perfect illusion of a healthy hairline and full head of hair that you’ve decided to shave as part of your bold look and active lifestyle. Enough with the stigma of hair loss! And forget hair transplants, wigs, and volumizing products for good! Give yourself an amazing new look. Opt for a style that’s laid-back, original, and sporty, like so many international celebrities have.

A proven hair replication technique

The avant-garde FUR – Scalp micropigmentation technique is performed in a professional, private clinic and requires a qualified technician. Both a science and an art, this method of follicle reproduction requires specialized training and advanced knowledge.

To see if scalp micropigmentation is right for you, contact the specialists at FUR – Scalp micropigmentation today by calling us at 514-666-1387 or text us at 514-770-5874. In doing so, you’ll have taken the first step towards a new life. FUR – Scalp micropigmentation: a solution to male pattern baldness.

How does it works?
What are the benefits?
I am a good candidate?

An alternative to hair transplants that produces spectacular results

The hair replication specialists at FUR – Scalp micropigmentation are the only experts in Canada who offer the FUR technique, a revolutionary approach that provides striking results without hair transplants

Here are the key features of this hair loss solution:

  1. Before treatment, the technician will carefully outline the placement of your future hairline. This is a crucial step: a hairline that is too high will only emphasize your hair loss, while a hairline that is too low will appear unnatural. The technician will take into account the physiognomy of your face to make sure that your new hairline complements your features and looks completely natural.
  2. During treatment, the technician replicates follicles one by one with a specially designed asymmetrical needle and medical-grade ink. The needle penetrates about 1 mm below the skin’s surface and imprints an insoluble pigment, visible through the epidermis, with each application. The technician thus replicates a follicle tens of thousands of times, which creates the illusion of hair density. What’s more, the results are immediate. The technician must keep several things in mind, including:
    • skin thickness, which varies depending on the area of the scalp
    • the imperfectly round shape of natural hair follicles
    • the use of medical-grade tools and single-use needles to ensure the process is 100% safe
  3. You’ll see the amazing results right away. After several weeks, the pigment will stabilize in your skin and your new look will become permanent.

FUR – Scalp micropigmentation will change your life. Hair loss will be a thing of the past. You’ll never have to think about wigs, volumizing products, or hair transplants. You’ll forget, once and for all, your fear of becoming bald. And others will notice the new you!

To learn more about FUR – Scalp micropigmentation or to make an appointment with one of our specialists, call us now by dialing 514-666-1387 or text us at 514-770-5874! We look forward to hearing from you!

What are the benefits of the FUR – scalp micropigmentation ?

The benefits of the FUR – scalp micropigmentation are:

  • A full treatment only requires two sessions
  • Treatment adds density to your hair after a transplant without requiring a second surgery
  • It hides scars on your scalp
  • The process is undetectable
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance on your part
  • It is relatively painless (just a slight tingling sensation)
  • It allows you to live an active, unhindered lifestyle: you’ll be free throughout the summer months and during your favorite sports
  • You’ll conceal alopecia patches
  • You’ll say to good-bye to lengthy treatments
  • You’ll enjoy a permanent solution
  • You’ll see the final results immediatelyYou’ll be part of a bold trend started by numerous international and Quebec celebrities
  • You’ll renew your self-esteem and overall happiness

Contact the specialists at FUR – Scalp micropigmentation today by calling us at 514-666-1387 or text us at 514-770-5874.

Am I a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation?

FUR – Scalp micropigmentation (Follicular Unit Replication) is designed to treat many types of hair loss in men of all ages. You are a candidate for scalp micropigmentation if:

You need a complete treatment.
You’ve chosen to shave your head in order to hide your baldness. Thanks to FUR – Scalp micropigmentation, you’ll have a bold new look. The scalp micropigmentation treatment will create the illusion of a head full of hair that you’ve decided to shave to achieve a new look. Forget your fear of baldness or worrying about wearing a wig!

You’d like to hide a scar.
You underwent a hair transplant several years ago and now would like to adopt a new look and cover an old scar. The experts at FUR – Scalp micropigmentation will replicate the look of thousands of hair follicles, which will conceal your scar. You’ll be noticed for your hip new look, and will never again think about transplants or hair loss.

You’d like to create the illusion of hair density.
You’re planning on having a second surgery to achieve the result you’re looking for, but the idea of going under the knife again doesn’t appeal to you. We can create the illusion of density immediately without surgery, and it won’t stop you from undergoing a second surgery at a later date. You’ll benefit from the effect of denser hair without having to undergo a hair graft.

You’d like to have a partial treatment.
You’d like to create the effect of density using only your existing hair, as you’re not ready to undergo surgery and shaving your head isn’t an attractive option at the moment. Scalp micropigmentation FUR can help you, using a partial treatment only on the target area bothering you. You can put aside your volumizing products for good.

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To ensure you’re a candidate for scalp micropigmentation, contact the specialists at FUR – Scalp micropigmentation by calling us at 514-666-1FUR (1387) or text us at 514-770-5874, today.

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