Am I a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation?

FUR - Scalp micropigmentation (Follicular Unit Replication) is designed to treat many types of hair loss in men of all ages. You are a candidate for scalp micropigmentation if:

You need a complete treatment.
You've chosen to shave your head in order to hide your baldness. Thanks to FUR - Scalp micropigmentation, you'll have a bold new look. The scalp micropigmentation treatment will create the illusion of a head full of hair that you've decided to shave to achieve a new look. Forget your fear of baldness or worrying about wearing a wig!

You’d like to hide a scar.
You underwent a hair transplant several years ago and now would like to adopt a new look and cover an old scar. The experts at FUR - Scalp micropigmentation will replicate the look of thousands of hair follicles, which will conceal your scar. You'll be noticed for your hip new look, and will never again think about transplants or hair loss.

You’d like to create the illusion of hair density.
You're planning on having a second surgery to achieve the result you're looking for, but the idea of going under the knife again doesn't appeal to you. We can create the illusion of density immediately without surgery, and it won't stop you from undergoing a second surgery at a later date. You'll benefit from the effect of denser hair without having to undergo a hair graft.

You’d like to have a partial treatment.
You'd like to create the effect of density using only your existing hair, as you're not ready to undergo surgery and shaving your head isn't an attractive option at the moment. Scalp micropigmentation FUR can help you, using a partial treatment only on the target area bothering you. You can put aside your volumizing products for good.

To ensure you're a candidate for scalp micropigmentation, contact the specialists at FUR - Scalp micropigmentation by calling us at 514-666-1387 or text us at 514-770-5874, today.

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