How does scalp micropigmentation work?

For many people, especially men, baldness seems like an unsolvable problem. This is no longer the case with FUR - Scalp micropigmentation, a form of capillary tattoo, a unique way to conceal hair loss.

This technique, which replicates the appearance of a naturally shaved head, instantly produces striking results. It is an advantageous option that is highly efficient and much more affordable than hair transplants.


FUR - Scalp micropigmentation is therefore an ideal solution not only to conceal hair loss, but also to cover up scars or to simply add density and uniformity to your scalp. All this with capillary tattoos!

cicactrice micropigmentation

cicactrice micropigmentation

The specialists at FUR - Scalp micropigmentation in Montreal will be happy to provide you with more information on scalp micropigmentation.

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