Is the technique of scalp micropigmentation safe?

An alternative to hair transplants that produces spectacular results

The hair replication specialists at Scalp micropigmentation FUR are the only experts in Canada who offer the FUR technique, a revolutionary approach that provides striking results without hair transplants

Here are the key features of this hair loss solution:

  1. Before treatment, the technician will carefully outline the placement of your future hairline. This is a crucial step: a hairline that is too high will only emphasize your hair loss, while a hairline that is too low will appear unnatural. The technician will take into account the physiognomy of your face to make sure that your new hairline complements your features and looks completely natural.

    fur ligne frontale

  2. During treatment, the technician replicates follicles one by one with a specially designed asymmetrical needle and medical-grade ink. The needle penetrates about 1 mm below the skin’s surface and imprints an insoluble pigment, visible through the epidermis, with each application. The technician thus replicates a follicle tens of thousands of times, which creates the illusion of hair density. What’s more, the results are immediate. The technician must keep several things in mind, including:

    • skin thickness, which varies depending on the area of the scalp
    • the imperfectly round shape of natural hair follicles
    • the use of medical-grade tools and single-use needles to ensure the process is 100% safe
  3. You’ll see the amazing results right away. After several weeks, the pigment will stabilize in your skin and your new look will become permanent.

FUR - Scalp micropigmentation will change your life. Hair loss will be a thing of the past. You’ll never have to think about wigs, volumizing products, or hair transplants. You’ll forget, once and for all, your fear of becoming bald. And others will notice the new you!

To learn more about FUR - Scalp micropigmentation or to make an appointment with one of our specialists, call us now by dialing 514-666-1387 or text us at 514-770-5874! We look forward to hearing from you!

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