fur mc
fur mc

FUR’s Mission – A Hair Loss Solution


The Clinique Mon Cheveu offers professional, personalized, and high-quality hair restoration care that allows those suffering from hair loss to boost their self-esteem, bolster their confidence, and find new happiness.


The hair replication specialists at Clinique Mon Cheveu have over 30 years of experience in the field of hair health and care.  Guided by their passion for a job well done and their desire for total client satisfaction, they developed FUR, an exclusive, revolutionary, safe, and maintenance-free procedure.


The hair replication professionals at Clinique Mon Cheveu excel thanks to their flawless professionalism, proven competence, passion for customer service and wide range of available hair loss products and services such as the FUR treatment, an exclusive and avant-garde treatment in Canada that creates the perfect illusion of a natural shaved head.


We are the leaders in scalp micropigmentation in Canada. FUR (Follicular Unit Replication) is the advantageous option compared to others you may have tried such as preventative care, hair transplants, wigs, and volumizing products. FUR uses a specially designed asymmetrical needle and medical-grade ink to create the appearance of natural hair follicles on your scalp.

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