fur mc
fur mc

FUR: Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness and Hair Loss


Are you looking for a solution for your receding hair line?

Is your hair loss affecting your morale, and getting out of control? Are you constantly worried and self-conscious, unable to hide your male pattern baldness? No need to panic! Clinique Mon Cheveu’s scalp micropigmentation technique FUR will change your life. Soon, hair loss will be the FURthest thing from your mind! Choose our modern and groundbreaking solution to achieve a natural shaven look. The hair replication specialists at Clinique Mon Cheveu have developed FUR, a technique much more effective than hair transplants and preventative care.

This is a unique, affordable, and maintenance-free solution to hair loss. Bald or clean-shaven? You decide!

With medical-grade ink and asymmetrical needles, the specialists at Clinique Mon Cheveu can recreate your hair color and imitate your scalp’s natural follicles. This creates the perfect illusion of a healthy hairline and full head of hair that you’ve decided to shave as part of your bold look and active lifestyle. Enough with the stigma of hair loss! And forget hair transplants, wigs, and volumizing products for good! Give yourself an amazing new look. Opt for a style that’s laid-back, original, and sporty, like so many international celebrities have.

A proven hair replication technique

The avant-garde FUR technique is performed in a professional, private clinic and requires a qualified technician. Both a science and an art, this method of follicle reproduction requires specialized training and advanced knowledge. To see if FUR is right for you, contact the specialists at Clinique Mon Cheveu today. In doing so, you’ll have taken the first step towards a new life. FUR: a solution to male pattern baldness.

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